Can't wait for Shen Yun 2018? Presenting the new banner and official trailer for our next new season. Plus: Check out new blogs from our performers, discover life on the Mongolian steppes, and test your knowledge of ancient Chinese mythistory.
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Musicians at Mid-Autumn
Musicians at Mid-Autumn
Moon Festival favorites from Shen Yun’s star musicians.
Spicy Music and New Connections
Spicy Music and New Connections
Trumpeter Eric Robins and the Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra.
Orchestra Pits 101
Orchestra Pits 101
An amusing analysis by percussionist Tiffany Yu.
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Did You Know…
Did you know that Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra was born out of popular demand? Many theatergoers longed to hear the music of Shen Yun—our phenomenally successful dance production—in concert form. Thus in 2012, Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra debuted at Carnegie Hall with original compositions, award-winning singers, and timeless orchestral classics. Since then, the Symphony has performed to great international acclaim.
The concert is distinguished by an artistic vision of cultural renewal through works unfailingly positive and bright. And nowhere else can you witness such perfect harmonic blend of classical East and West. See if the Symphony is coming to a city near you!
Coming Up:
Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra plays Carnegie Hall Oct 14-15. Stay tuned for news and more.